Chairman’s Message

The message that I wish to give my students may not sound relative, but my mind goes straight-to the environmen—–built up environment and effect it has directly and indirectly on the on-lookers, visitors and the students. You all will agree that a magnificent banglow, a beautifully designed house and a public place give out vibrancy and vitality. The life energy flows smoothly and the people living in those places prosper and grow. But several times one notices that when a house or a school, the people living in such places, experience a negative flow in finance, health and personal relationship.

The energy balance of a building or a house or a college is quite important as it directly effects the health, energy and professional output of its residents. Sunshine, plants and flow of air are the life forces and source of energy. Though it is all the work of authorities to build such an environment, yet the students, teachers, and other employees, who live in the surroundings the most part of the day, can help in maintenance of such work environment which will energise them to more poise and calm., Dear students ! When you have come in the college, feel at home and help to make others feel at home. Give the visitors a cheering smile.

Responsive and effective measures taken in right direction will face-lift your college. In formulation of policies and decision-making, effective participation of the students is the dire need of the hour. Some problems and solutions require a joint partnership of college authorities with that of students. The agenda for reform is always large and comprehensive. Accepting the challenge to accelerate development in an environmentally responsible manner will involve substantial shifts in policies and priorities. Failing to accept the challenges may be constlier still. Today, the world is definitely in need of peace.

The students, especially the girls are the backbone of society. They can play in building a love-lorn environment. You may guide your co-sisters by evolving a sense of direction, involvement and responsibility. The youth power can be harnessed to tackle the age old customs, traditions and social evils. The need is to keep your sensibilities awakened and play in tune with the tradition of times. You should act judiciously. You should not become pawns in the hands of politicians. Thus, you are better fitted in building an environment of peace, poise, purity, serenity. Playing decisive role will energise you and the institution in turn will be energized by your positive energies.